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Welcome to Akmed's Camel, Lincolnshire’s Premier Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band.

We provide excellent entertainment for all kinds of events, ranging from pub sessions to wedding celebrations and corporate events.

Our standard line-up leads with an accomplished Piano-Accordionist, Two Guitarists, a Drummer and a Caller. These all play completely live, with no backing tracks or pre-programmed keyboards.

The musicians are all supported by our own sound engineer.

Ceilidh Band Lincolnshire

Akmed's Camel: Lincolnshire Ceilidh Dance Band Play Traditional and Original Folk Music With Lasting Power.

What is a Ceilidh Band or a Ceilidh Dance?

Ceilidh (pronounced “Kay-Lee”) has many interpretations. Akmed's Camel Ceilidh Band uses the definition of “An evening of informal traditional Scottish dancing to live music”, originating from the Scottish Lowlands Ceilidh. A Ceilidh in the Scottish Highlands is more likely to be a “Concert of Scottish Music”. Although originating in Lincolnshire, this Ceilidh band has a true Scottish feel.

Ceilidh bands differ from cover bands and tribute bands in that the music is not continuous. Little or no music is played while ceilidh bands introduce the ceilidh dances and teach the steps. This allows guests to chat and socialize between the songs and tunes.

Akmeds Camel are amongst the most experienced ceilidh bands in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. They accommodate dancers of all ages, from absolute beginners to ceilidh competitions. With their own modern sound and lighting equipment, this ceilidh band is suitable for corporate events, weddings and similar functions that require a full setup. Wedding ceilidh bands come in various forms but as a wedding ceilidh band, Akmeds Camel is a fully live, adaptive set of talented musicians with a caller that is experienced in bringing both sets of guests together.

Ceilidh dancing is fun to watch and even better to participate in. Ceilidh bands such as Akmeds Camel, provide a great evening of entertainment for all, and this band definitely stands out above other Lincolnshire Ceilidh Bands.