Bograt, The Ceilidh Band

For those looking for Bograt, The Ceilidh Band, you have found the right place.

In 2004, Bograt joined the Lincolnshire folk legends. Bograt Ceilidh Band merged with Akmeds Camel to form Byards Leap Ceilidh Band. Some Bograt Band members are now in the new Akmeds Camel Ceilidh Band.

Bograt Ceilidh Band History

Bograt Beginnings

Bograt was formed by Chris Petz in the mid 1990's. As a drummer his desire was to form a rocky ceilidh band. The Bograt Ceilidh Band original lineup also had Ray on flute, and had a pair of guitarists, Gavin and Will, who doubled up as the caller.

Colin met the Bograts when they performed for a Ceilidh at the Coronation Hall in Market Deeping (photo here but not with original lineup). He became the Bograt sound and lighting engineer. The lineup in this photo from left to right has Lesley, Chris, Pete, Gavin and Lorna. Colin was on the sound desk.

Bograt Changes

Over the many years of Bograt, several changes were made. This lineup has Two Chris's on the left, Pete Center Back, Two Johns and Bridget.

Finally Bograt members formed new bands in 2005, of which Chris, Lesley and Colin became part of Byards Leap Ceilidh Band. Lesley and Colin are now here in Akmeds Camel as Caller and Sound & Lighting Technician.