Ceilidh Band Cambridgshire Venue

Akmed’s Camel

Cambridgeshire’s Popular Ceilidh Band

This ceilidh band often play in Cambridge and its surrounding villages. As Ceilidhs and Barn Dances in Cambridgeshire are well attended, this band has many repeat bookings.

Cambridgeshire Ceilidh, Barn and Folk dancing events for our Ceilidh Band.

Our Ceilidh Band in Cambridgeshire

Akmeds Camel often performs as either a Barn Dance Band or a Ceilidh Band in Cambridge and its surrounding area. A Piano-Accordion leads most tunes, supported by electric and acoustic guitars and other instruments. Drums and percussion help create up-beat music to encourage dancers onto the floor.

Of the many Ceilidh bands for Cambridge, Akmeds Camel stand out as being a lively, adaptable set of talented musicians with over 20 years of Ceilidh experience each.

We attend many folk festivals around the country, such as the Cambridge Folk Festival, and participate in several folky things in Cambridge, as found on the Cambridge Folk website.


Locations Within Cambridgeshire

All ceilidh band members have traveled to many locations within Cambridgeshire. This has been either as part of Akmed's Camel, or one of the ceilidh bands that preceded it.

A popular venue is Peterborough. We have performed in the grounds of Peterborough Cathedral, at many schools, including both Kings and Deacons, and countless surrounding villages.

Other famous venues for our ceilidh band in Cambridgeshire are the various college halls of Cambridge University. These grand buildings offer that extra ambience to our ceilidh dances and can be hired for private engagements.

Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire

Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire counties share a border from North West of Peterborough to near Wisbech.

Most of the ceilidh band members live near the Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire border. They regularly travel around the Cambridge area for many Ceilidh and Folk events.

Cambridgeshire has a rich folk music following and with folk festivals being very popular, our Ceilidh Band performs in the Cambridge area for many private and public ceilidhs and barn dances.