Photos of Akmed's Camel Broadstairs Folk Festival.

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Birthday Parties

For those lucky enough to be celebrating a significant

birthday, Congratulations from Akmed's Camel. For these

events, we can select suitable dances to suit the guests attending.

Whether a surprise or not, a Birthday Ceilidh is a memorable event.


Large Birthday celebrations normally differ from other event types in

that many guests may not have seen each other for quite a while.


Discos play music throughout the evening. This can often restrict

the opportunity to catch up on old times. During our Ceilidhs,

we have breaks between the music while the next dance

is being introduced and walked through. This

gives plenty of opportunity for those

wishing to talk to do so.

Fund Raisers

Akmed's Camel are often invited to play at formal and

informal Charity events. The style of Ceilidh we provide blends

well with most organisations, and can help to raise additional funds.


Some members have even organised their own Ceilidhs for charities,

such as Barnardos, as we all enjoy helping to raise money for good

causes. We can even assist with raffles, auctions, and whiskey rolls.


When whole families are invited, we are able to select dances

suitable for all ages. Children are often quick to learn, and

their sense of achievement at the end of the night shines

through their tiredness.


Our most popular booking is for Weddings & Anniversaries.

The key aspect of a Wedding Party is that many of the Brides

friends and relations have not met the Grooms side.


After a few basic dances, we begin to add progressive dances into the

mix, such as "lucky 7".This is where the guests move on 7 places around

the ring to meet a new partner to dance the next section of music with.


The breaks between dances also provide ample time for guests

to catch up on old times. Unlike a disco, conversation does not

need to compete with the music. By the end of the

evening, the Brides guests are at least familiar

with the Grooms guests, and often

new friendships are made.

Barn Dances

Since Ceilidh Dancing is very similar to Barn Dances,

we often mix the two. Those familiar with the traditional

English moves often enjoy the subtle differences that the Irish

and Scottish traditions bring to a Ceilidh event with Akmed's Camel.


Some traditional Barn Dance moves fit in very well with our tunes and

dances, especially the ones that we have written and choreographed

ourselves. Experienced Barn Dancers often feel that some of the

more advanced Ceilidh formations give them a challenge that

just has to be met. This allows dancers to demonstrate

their talents and versatilities. A Ceilidh held in a cozy

barn with a Hog Roast supper, provides a perfect

evening of food and entertainment.


Our most popular Festival is Broadstairs Folk Festival.

This week long event in August takes over the Pavilion,

Bandstand and most of the Pubs in the coastal village of Kent.


All members have been invited to this festival for over 10 years,

either as Akmed's Camel, Bograt, or Byards Leap. We are flexible

enough to perform Ceilidhs, Concerts, Pub Sessions, Workshops,

and lead Play-Alongs. Our sound engineer has even been known to

run a multi-band set when the resident engineer was taken ill.


We have a good following at such events, and by

the end of the festival, many newcomers

seek out where we are playing.

Corporate Events

We know that a Corporate Event is a reflection on the

company organising the evening. Akmed's Camel stand out

as being one of the best Dance Bands in the area and have long

standing reputations for quality and enjoyment. A great evening of

live entertainment is guaranteed to reflect well on the company.


Many Corporations look for an aspect of Team building, and our form

of Ceilidh Dancing is no exception. We can begin with simple dances

to introduce novices to the moves, and progress to complicated

sequences that require 4 or 8 people to work as a team.

The dance "Wring out the Dishrag" involves pairs

that master the technique early, "Teaching"

others to complete the dance so all end

dancing in unisom.

As a semi-professional ceilidh band, Akmed's Camel perform at many event types. Please select a function catagory for more information.