Wedding Event Photo


Our most popular booking is for Weddings & Anniversaries.

The key aspect of a Wedding Party is that many of the Brides

friends and relations have not met the Grooms side.


After a few basic dances, we begin to add progressive dances into the

mix, such as "lucky 7".This is where the guests move on 7 places around

the ring to meet a new partner to dance the next section of music with.


The breaks between dances also provide ample time for guests

to catch up on old times. Unlike a disco, conversation does not

need to compete with the music. By the end of the

evening, the Brides guests are at least familiar

with the Grooms guests, and often

new friendships are made.

Akmed's Camel have a flexible repertoire that adapts to many event types. Here are some of the ways in which we can assist with your function.