Photos of Akmeds Camel Broadstairs Folk Festival.

A few ceilidh related questions are answered below. For more specific informationl please feel free to contact us .

Some wedding ceilidh related questions, are on our Wedding FAQ page.

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A Ceilidh (pronunciation Kay-Lee) is informal Gaelic Dancing, quite similar to English Barn Dancing. There are many other different kinds, but the kind of Ceilidh we present features the band playing traditional and original dance tunes completely live, with a caller to call the dances.

No, it should be fun so long as you listen for a few minutes. No one minds if a dance goes completely wrong, but you may get a round of applause from the band if you do especially well, or mess it up in a particularly entertaining way.

The caller first explains and walks the dancers through the dance. The band then plays the tune, while the caller continues to help the dance along until it’s going under its own steam.

An typical evening schedule has dancing from 8pm until 11:30pm, with a break for refreshments. For more details see our Typical Schedule page

We can reduce our equipment to fit in smaller venues. This means that we may not be able to use our full lighting system. This may also be the case in older halls where the power supply is insufficient.

With us you will find slight differences in the dances, depending on how you advertise it. We like to take bookings in actual barns so long as they are clean and dry, with a safe supply of electricity (and it’s not midwinter).

We can also perform as an Irish Ceili or American Caleidh Band if you prefer.

You know your guests better than us, but a ceilidh means that everyone can join in together, rather waiting for the disco to play “oldies”. Our light show is probably better too. Why not put our website address on their invitations so they know what to expect?

No. Although almost everyone learns Country Dancing at school, we have forgotten most of it. Our Caller teaches the dances so that absolute beginners can join more experienced dancers with ease. The similarities with Ceilidh dancing are included on our Country Dancing page.

Not necessarily. In our experience this spoils the flow of the dancing, and simply doesn't make for a better evening.

An exception to this may be for a wedding, when background music is required during the Wedding Breakfast. A Disco can also extend the evening until the early hours of the morning for longer events.

If you know a particular dance you want to do, let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to help you out.

What you like! If you’re formally dressed for a wedding it may be an idea to have a pair of flat shoes tucked away somewhere. Stilettos are definitely a problem, and you’ll probably be glad of an excuse to get rid of them for a while.

See our "Coming Round The Mountain" page. This is a popular ceilidh dance for families at Weddings or Parties.

Although we are based in South Lincolnshire surrounding Spalding, from the Cambridgeshire border up, we occasionally travel a couple of hundred miles to functions organised by those that have seen us more locally.


Ceilidh Band Questions and Answers

Akmed's Camel Ceilidh Band is a blend of English Ceilidh, Scottish Ceilidh and Irish Ceilidh.

They support Line Dance and Barn Dance events, as well as other forms of country and folk dancing.

Since the days of Bograt Ceilidh Band, a primarily Lincolnshire ceilidh band, we now also perform ceilidh music for corporate events further a field, such as Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.