Photos of Akmeds Camel Broadstairs Folk Festival.

Here is a Brief History of Akmed's Camel. For more details, click on the headings.


Akmeds Camel was Born

Akmeds Camel emerged from the Thunderbox Festival Band at the 1997 East Kirkby Festival. The unusual name was derived from a dance tune written by a Welsh musician.

The band featured Kim Biggs (accordion), Liam Robinson (diatonic accordion / harmonium), Mark Addison (bass & acoustic guitar), Phil Biggs (guitar / flute & vocals), Ian Tait (drums) & dance caller Tim Cook.


Jim Replaced Ian

Original drummer Ian Tait left the band in 1999, to concentrate on his work with blues band The Buzz. Jim Young made his debut at the 1999 Bardney Festival.


Akmeds Camel Hibernated

Tim Cook fell ill in 2004 and passed away later that year. Lesley Prue called at their last gig, which was for the Wedding of Colin & Janine Goodall.

The musicians were all interested in pursuing other musical ventures so Akmeds Camel went into hibernation.


Byards Leap Formed

In the summer of 2005, Bograt the Ceilidh Band, came to a natural end after more than 10 years. A new Ceilidh Band, Byards Leap, was then formed with members from Akmeds Camel and Bograt.

Bograt members Lesley Prue & Colin Goodall (see 2004 entry) along with Chris Petz joined Kim, Phil and Mark from Akmeds Camel. Colin managed the Sound & Lights and Chris played the Drums.


Akmeds Camel Awoke

In 2009, Chris Petz decided to leave Byards Leap and the drumming behind to become a caller. Jim Young, Akmeds last drummer, jumped at the chance to fill in and rejoin his old friends.

With the majority of the band members now together again, it was thought fitting to wake Akmeds Camel from hibernation in memory of the late Tim Cook.


Ian Returned

In 2011, Jim decided to take his drums to pastures new and form Autumn Storm. This is a new band covering popular Rock tunes.

Ian Tait, Akmeds Camel's original drummer, gladly rejoined the revived band. The team is now even stronger and with many repeat bookings, has a great future.


New Jockey for Akmeds Camel

Due to a long term degenerative illness, Lesley decided to retire from calling for Akmeds Camel. She will be sadly missed and we all wish her the best possible future.

Jimmy took up the reigns in 2012 and with his wealth of Ceilidh calling experience now keeps Akmeds Camel on course.