Lincolnshire Ceilidh Band

Akmed’s Camel

Lincolnshire’s Premier Ceilidh Band

Our ceilidh band has many connections with Lincolnshire, ranging from the tunes we play to the dances we call.

As a Lincolnshire Ceilidh Band, we promote Ceilidh, Barn and Folk dancing in our county.

Lincolnshire Cities

Lincolnshire is the largest county in England and most cites in it have been visited by our Ceilidh Band. Grantham and Stamford are popular for us as they lie on the A1 and as the center of our Ceilidh Band is Spalding; Louth, Sleaford, Bourne and the Deepings are all within easy reach.

North Lincolnshire is also Popular for our Ceilidh Band as we often visit Gainsborough, Market Rasen and Grimsby. Also as a Lincolnshire Ceilidh Band with a far reaching reputation, we are regularly invited to perform ceilidh dances outside Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Connections

Our Ceilidh Band members have some of the best talent across Lincolnshire. They come from Crowland, just bordering Cambridgeshire in the south, up through Bourne to Grantham, across to Holbeach and on up to Boston.

Some of the ceilidh dances our caller uses are also related to locations in Lincolnshire, such as the Boston Tea Party. A few of the dance tunes are similarly associated by having Lincolnshire locations within their title. These include , Market Rasen and Louth Quicksteps and the Lincolnshire Polka.

Byards Leap

Although we are back to being Akmeds Camel, we are still known in the South Holland area as Byards Leap Ceilidh Band. This title is also a small hamlet in Lincolnshire, which is renowned in folk law.

Blind Byard was a magical horse that helped to destroy an evil witch. While being pursued by the witch, Byard leaped from a tall cliff. Where he landed, his rider turned and killed the witch and here the community of Byards Leap was formed.