Evening Schedule

Most Evening functions have similar timings. Here is a typical itinery to provide an indication of the flow of a Ceilidh event.

Akmeds Camel are very flexible, and all timings can be adjusted, either in advance or on the night.


Band members Arrive

We generally begin by checking and packing our gear in the afternoon of the event. We then travel from various locations in Lincolnshire to the venue, aiming to arrive at approximately 6pm.

Upon arrival, we unload the gear into the hall with as little disruption as possible. This is especially important at Wedding functions when the guests may still be eating.


Setup Begins

Once all equipment is unloaded, we begin the setup process. This involves running cables, erecting lighting fixtures, and assembling the drum kit and other instruments.


Equipment Check

By around 7pm, the main PA is normally set up. A brief test is performed to match the sound system to the room acoustics. This is essential for the live entertainment that we provide.


Sound Check

When all the musicians are ready, a sound check is performed. This allows instruments to be tuned and the sound quality to be optimised for the venue. As soon as this is complete we play some background folk or Irish music to set the scene, unless a disco is present, in which case we leave it to the disco to provide the music.


First Dance

Once enough guests are ready to assemble into one or more square dance sets, we begin by playing an opening folk tune. Guests are then invited onto the dance floor to begin the first dance. After a few introductory dances, we may progress to circle dances or line arrangements.



By liaising with the catering, we aim to break after the guests have enjoyed a few introductory dances. The timing here is flexible to suit the function. During the interval we can play our own selection of Irish, Scottish and Folk music, or a CD that the client supplies. We can also assist in calling a raffle or fund raising event.


Second Set

After the guests have had a break, we begin the second half with another original or folk tune. We follow this with more advanced dances to suit the ability of the guests. These may include Strip the Willow, Baskets or Grand Chains.



We complete the evening with a traditional last dance, such as a circassian circle. After this we begin to clear up our sound and lighting equipment and pack it into its flight cases.



Depending on the ease of loading, we leave the function room at as soon after Midnight as possible. This is normally around 12.15am but can occasionally be nearer to 12.30am.