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Scottish Ceilidh Band Links

We are proud to be assosiated with Scottish Ceilidh music as we often visit relations living in the West of Scotland.

Listed below are some links to Ceilidh Bands in and around Scotland. If any links need updating, please let us know.

Random 100 Scottish Ceilidh Bands

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Whigmaleerie Ceilidh Dance BandTheir on and off-stage humour make this band popular wherever they perform.

Two Left Feet - Ceilidh BandA ceilidh band available for all types of weddings and functions. Dances called. Sound samples and testimonials on this site.

Auld Reekie Ceilidh BandPlayed at prestigious balls in the Royal Museum of Scotland, the Assembly Rooms, and similar venues.

Bahookie Ceilidh BandBahookie is comprised entirely of professional musicians.

Ceilidh SoundA top Scottish ceilidh band with twelve years of experience for ceilidhs, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events. Includes dance caller.

Scott Harvey Ceilidh BandScott Harvey's Ceilidh Band is a traditional Scottish Ceilidh Band based in Glasgow, Scotland. With a line up of 2 Accordions, Banjo & Drums.

Portobello Ceilidh BandThe PCB are one of Scotland's finest ceilidh bands. A great night's dancing guaranteed.

Hot Scotch Ceilidh BandLively 3-Piece Ceilidh Band & Disco. The band is based in Edinburgh, but travel all over Scotland

White Cart Ceilidh BandFor weddings, dances, functions, fundraisers. A traditional folk music group playing in Paisley, Glasgow and Central Scotland.

Cool ReceptionProfessional Wedding Band Edinburgh Scotland

Jiggered Ceilidh BandJiggered Ceilidh Band are an upbeat ceilidh band based in Glasgow.

CaberOur rates are highly competitive and we travel around central Scotland. Caber are no run of the mill ceilidh band and will ensure your night is one to remember.

Clyde Valley Ceilidh BandThe Clyde Valley Ceilidh Band (CVCB) reformed in the year 2000 with members from several top Scottish ceilidh & dance bands with over 20 years experience.

Lomond Ceilidh BandThe Lomand Ceilidh Band is an international Scottish Broadcasting Ceilidh Band from Fife and Perthshire, Scotland.

Iron Broo Ceilidh BandIdeal band for a Scottish Wedding Ceilidh. Book the band and download free clips of their music from this site.

JingBang Ceilidh BandOne of Northeast Scotland's best ceilidh bands. JingBang is a ceilidh dance band which evolved in early 2002.

Belle Star BandAll-women dance band; The Belle Star Band perform Scottish Urban Ceilidhs.

Annasach Ceilidh BandThis band was invited to represent Scotland in Chicago on behalf of American Airlines.

Voice Box Ceilidh BandScotlands finest Ceilidh Band.

Skelpit Lugs Ceilidh BandBased in Central Scotland, the Skelpit Lug Ceilidh Band has been around for over fifteen years.

The Dandy Ceilidh BandNorth of Scotland and Moray Ceilidh Dance Band.

John Knox Ceilidh BandThe band works mostly in the West of Scotland.

Aurora Ceilidh BandLooking for a ceilidh band in Aberdeen or the North East of Scotland? The Aurora Ceilidh Band plays traditional music for ceilidh dancing.

Cheezee ChoonzOne of Scotland's oldest and most entertaining ceilidh bands, Gary and his band regularly tour the globe.

PiperActiveThis ain't yer average Ceilidh band... Nope! PIPERACTIVE will capture your imagination, haunting you with lamenting airs, and getting you "jiggy-with-it".

The Copy CatsA traditional feel to your Wedding, The CopyCats can also provide a variety of Ceilidh music to dance to.

Strings Attached Ceilidh BandContemporary Glasgow Strings Celtic Ceilidh Band

AquariusAquarius is one of Scotland's leading function bands and performs just about any style you can think of.

The Big Squeeze Ceilidh BandThe Big Squeeze are an Edinburgh ceilidh band uniquely blending tunes and Gaelic mouth music, available for weddings and hoolies of any kind!

The JiggersThe Jiggers - The Ultimate Scottish Ceilidh Band in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Èirich Ceilidh BandPossibly the best new ceilidh band in Scotland.

Rosely Ceilidh BandWe are the Rosely Ceilidh Band and we all originate from the County of Angus, Scotland. Our band consists of a trio of young musicians.

Auld SpiceThe Edinburgh Ceilidh and Function Band

The HighlandersThe Highlanders professional Scottish Ceilidh and Reeling band, for events, parties and weddings.

Sporran Again Ceilidh BandSporran Again is a five piece Ceilidh band based in Dundee, Scotland. Performing Ceilidh music for weddings, parties, corporate functions and special events.

Gunna Sound Ceilidh BandWe are one of the very best Ceilidh Bands in Scotland – nobody would argue with that.

The Gallivanters Ceilidh BandWe are a five piece Ceilidh Band based in Perthshire comprising both accordion, double bass, fiddle, and guitars.

The Thistle Dubh Ceilidh BandAlistair Lennox & The Thistle Dubh Ceilidh Band & Disco In demand throughout Scotland.

Eden Ceilidh BandScottish Ceilidh band based in Fife, Perth, Kinross, Tayside, Kelty.

Òran Mor Ceilidh BandÒran Mor are a Ceilidh band from Troon, Ayrshire in the South West of Scotland, and ran by its leader and accordionist Roy Hendrie.

Shiftin Bobbins Ceilidh BandWe have been involved in traditional folk music in and around Stirling since the last century. We sing and play concertina, Scottish smallpipes, fiddle, guitar, and banjo.

Sporrandipity Ceilidh BandA hot Ceilidh band based in Edinburgh, providing a full package of Ceilidh functions.

Craigenroan Scottish Traditional bandCeilidh band from Scotland featuring talented musicians and expert dance calling for weddings, ceilidhs, corporate functions.

The Beer and Baccy Ceilidh BandThe Beer and Baccy Ceilidh / Ceili Band is a long-established band playing mainly celtic music.

Bon Accord Ceilidh BandBon Accord Ceilidh Band are a 4-piece Scottish Ceilidh Band serving Edinburgh and Midlothian.

Orwell Ceilidh BandOrwell Ceilidh band. based in Tayside and Fife, Scotland. The Orwell Ceilidh Band is a three piece band consisting of musicians who specialise in lively tunes.

Kinlochard Ceilidh BandCovering all of Scotland, the band for your wedding, ball or dance - we are the best in the west.

KelticaKeltica are one of Scotland's finest ceilidh bands. The band leader is Una Bryson an outstanding accordionist who has played all over Europe.

The SAS Ceilidh BandThe SAS Ceilidh Band are a 4pc Band consisting of Accordion, small and highland pipes, keys and drums.

Whisky KissFor Weddings / Balls check out our 3 Piece Ceilidh Band.

The Jauncey Brothers' BandCeilidh and modern music.

Thistle Dubh Ceilidh BandThe Thistle Dubh Ceilidh Band & Disco are an upbeat and modern Scottish Ceilidh band.

The Clarty Cloot Ceilidh BandThe Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band, Scottish Borders, for Scottish ceilidh dancing wherever you want.

Susan MacFadyen Ceilidh BandGreat Accordian based Ceilidh Band.

Off Centre Ceilidh BandCeilidh band based in Edinburgh for Weddings and Dances.

Canongate CadjersCeilidh Band Canongate Cadjers are one of Scotland's busiest and best known Ceilidh bands.

Coila Ceilidh BandCoila Ceilidh Band is one of Scotland's most popular ceilidh bands. Lots of info & MP3s.

Jimi Shandrix Experience - electric ceilidh bandScottish accordion maestro Sandy Brechin's electric ceilidh band “Shandrix” is a high energy 5 piece band

CallanishCallanish is the Best Function Band for weddings, ceilidhs, corporate events and parties, playing a mixture of Celtic & Contemporary Music.

The Reel Fling Ceilidh BandThe Reel Fling are a professional three piece ceilidh band, based in Glasgow, offering an entire evening of innovative, upbeat and energetic entertainment.

Mad Parrot Ceilidh BandWe are the best rock ceilidh band in Scotland, but probably the worst web site designers.

Hop Til U DropEdinburgh based Scottish ceilidh wedding band. Norman Mackay - all-Scotland button accordion champion of 2004 - leads the band.

Crawstep Ceilidh BandSupporters of Scottich music.

Cosmic Ceilidh BandEasily Scotland's most innovative ceilidh band. A harp player or cosmic duo/trio can be provided to create the right atmosphere at weddings, receptions and other events.

Fergie MacDonaldA button accordion player and an extraordinary ceilidh band leader for over 40 years.

Reel-Ale Ceilidh BandTraditional and contemporary music by a talented group using a wide range of interesting instrumentation.

Yousedancin ceilidh bandThe yousedancin? ceilidh band play driving, highly danceable traditional tunes for Scottish ceilidh dancing.

Islander Ceilidh BandDrawn together by their passion for Irish and Scottish music, Islander is a long established and highly successful ceilidh band.

The Thunderdog Ceilidh BandThe Thunderdog Ceilidh Band in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Wallochmor Ceilidh BandScottish ceilidh band. Originally formed by Sandy Coghill and Freeland Barbour.

Crowdie House Ceilidh bandCrowdie House Ceilidh band is a six-piece, fiddle-driven, Scottish ceilidh band of the finest quality, based in Edinburgh.

Ceilidh MinogueScotland's favourite ceilidh band. We are an enthusiastic, high energy Scottish ceilidh band that never fails to make weddings and ceilidhs a success

Double Scotch Ceilidh BandOver the last seven years Double Scotch Ceilidh Band have established themselves as one of the top ceilidh bands in the North of Scotland.

The Black Rose Ceilidh BandOne of the best contemporary accordion based ceilidh bands in Scotland.

Bannockburn Ted Christopher and Bannockburn - Scotland's premier Celtic party band.

Jonas Cedervall Ceilidh BandA Musician based in Scotland specialising in weddings, functions, and together with the affordable price of a 2-piece ceilidh band!

Òr Ceilidh BandÒr is Scotlands top ceilidh band based in Edinburgh. Òr Ceilidh Band is available for ceilidhs, weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more.

Hogtie Ceilidh BandHogtie are an Aberdeen based Ceilidh band who play lively music.

Triple Scotch Ceilidh BandTriple Scotch Ceilidh Band prides itself on professional musicians of the highest standard and having won various awards and performed on BBC Radio Scotland.

Bella McNab's Dance Band Music for ceilidhs, country dances and reeling. A fresh, lively sound that swings from some of Scotland's top traditional musicians.

Lismore Ceildh bandCeilidh band based in Lismore.

John Carmichael's Ceilidh BandJohn Carmichael's Ceilidh Band is available for all occasions in Scotland and abroad.

Hoolichan Scottish Ceilidh BandHoolichan are a ceilidh band for any occasion.

Bigtime MusicVocally superb with a band full of extremely talented musicians.

CabrachCabrach are a traditional ceilidh band from Aberdeen and Stonehaven

Headlanders Ceilidh bandThe Headlanders is a traditional ceilidh band with caller, based in Aberdeen, but plays throughout North East Scotland.

Clamjamfrie ceilidh bandClamjamfrie are a lively five piece ceilidh band based in Scotland, all dances called!

ClanenClanen are an edinburgh based ceilidh band called clanen. fun and funky. parties, weddings, dances.

KelticaKeltica are one of Scotlands finest ceilidh bands. The band leader is Una Bryson an outstanding accordionist who has played all over Europe.

Chitterybite Ceilidh bandThis site provides information about the music of ceilidh band Chittery bite.

Fiddlesticks Ceilidh BandFiddlesticks is a talented and energetic ceilidh band based in both Glasgow and Edinburgh!

The Hallanshankers Ceilidh BandBased in Glasgow, Scotland, The Hallanshankers are a seven-piece ceilidh band - fiddle, accordion, mandolin, whistles, guitars, banjo, bass and drums.

The Neil Sinclair SoundThe Neil Sinclair Sound is a 3-5 piece ceilidh band based in Scotland, playing ceilidh music with old time and modern tunes.

Nackytoosh Ceilidh BandNackytoosh Ceilidh Band - A Ceilidh Band based in Fife.

Canongate CadjersCeilidh Band Canongate Cadjers are one of Scotland's busiest and best known Ceilidh bands.

Glenhoulachan Midgie Club Ceilidh BandGuest book and contact information available.

The Cutting EdgeThe band comprises 5 professional musicians from Dundee, Scotland, who are in great demand worldide playing concerts, weddings and ceilidhs.

CraigendarlochThe Band For All Occasions.

Ceilidh StompAberdeenshire ceilidh band with caller providing music for weddings, functions and events in north east scotland.