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Live Ceilidh Band FAQ

Wedding Ceilidh Band FAQ

Booking a Ceilidh Band for a Wedding Reception is an important task. This page lists a few points to consider when choosing a Ceilidh Band for your Wedding.

Why Book Akmed's Camel Ceilidh Band?

Quite Simply, we are the most suitable and experienced Ceilidh Band for Wedding Ceilidhs in the area. For more specific reasons, click on the following questions and compare us to other Wedding Ceilidh Bands.

Wedding Confetti

Wedding Confetti

Our ceilidh band members have all performed at Wedding functions for over 20 years. The musicians formed Akmed's Camel Ceilidh Band over 15 years ago and therefore provide a more coherent and polished performance than newly formed bands.

Our most popular bookings are for Wedding Ceilidhs and Wedding Anniversaries so our experience is constantly increasing. You may be interested in this Wedding Review.

Yes. All of our ceilidh and folk music is performed completely live. We do not use any backing tracks, preprogrammed keyboards or other recorded sounds. This gives us the flexibility to adjust the tempo to suit your Wedding guests, and even extend tunes that are progressing well. This is important for wedding ceilidhs as the ceilidh dancing experience varies enormously.

Both. Most of our Ceilidh Dances are set to traditional tunes, carefully selected for Wedding Ceilidhs. As we have talented songwriters within our band, we also include several original pieces to complement our Wedding collection. We can appear as an Irish Band, Scottish Band, or perform blend of the best Ceilidh music to suit your event.

Yes. We use Peavey microphones and speakers selected for audio quality rather than volume or portability. The sound is digitally mixed using a Yamaha mixing desk which allows the quality of the instruments and the clarity of the caller to be maintained throughout. This is important for a wedding ceilidh as some of your guests may prefer to relax and just enjoy the music and stage show.

Yes. Our Ceilidh Band has a dedicated technician who constantly monitors and mixes the band without the distraction of playing an instrument. When possible, he sits behind the Wedding Guests so he ensures that they hear the best sound possible. Other ceilidh bands mix the sound on stage so they have no way of knowing exactly what the Wedding party are hearing.

Yes. We have over 10kW of intelligent, computer assisted lighting. This creates a dynamic, vibrant professional looking stage show. Other Ceilidh bands may have a few lights either side of stage to brighten up the band. Our lighting rig also covers the dance floor and surpasses many Disco rigs, as well as being theatrical in nature.

No. We aim to provide great value for money. As we are a semi-professional ceilidh band, we all have daytime jobs. Our band enjoys performing wedding ceilidhs so we do not request the high prices that agencies and professional bands demand. Please contact us for an individual quote that is tailored to your Wedding function.



Live Bands for Hire for Wedding and Anniversary Celebrations

Hiring a Wedding Ceilidh Band

A Wedding Ceilidh band to hire for a wedding must provide a high quality ceilidh suitable for a wedding, rather than just being a general ceilidh band for hire. As one of the best live bands for hire in Linconshire, we provide an excellent choice for wedding, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Wedding Bands and Wedding Ceilidhs

Wedding Ceildh Band

Live Bands for Wedding Ceilidhs should have plenty of wedding experience, know wedding tunes and wedding dances, and act like a professional dance band.