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Lincolnshire Caleigh Band

As a experienced and popular Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire caleigh band, Akmeds Camel can bring a touch of America back to England.

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American Caleigh, Scottish Ceilidh and Irish Ceili


For those that don’t realize, Caleigh is the American form of the Gaelic word Ceilidh, as well as being a girl’s name. Both ceilidh and caleigh bands play similar celtic music and the dances have comparable steps.


Akmeds Camel are available as a caleigh band and have been booked for many American events, such as Independence day and Canada day caleighs. As a large modern band, with an impressive sound and lighting rig, they are well suited to American style caleigh dances, and can blend in the more traditional Irish Ceili and Scottish Ceilidh music.


Compared to an American Barn Dance or Line Dance, caleigh dancing can be formal or informal. As a Wedding caleigh band, Akmeds Camel are excellent at introducing the Bride and Groom’s guests to each other in a formal setting. Being a Lincolnshire band, holding a caleigh in a barn is quite popular and creates a relaxed setting where fun exceeds formality.


Please use the “Contact us” page for more specific details on how this band can adapt to your event.