Photos of Akmeds Camel Broadstairs Folk Festival.

Coming Round The Mountain

This ceilidh dance is a very popular ice-breaker, performed to one of our own arrangements of the familiar tune.

It is fairly simple to start with, but has an element of surprise at the end.

Ceilidh Dance Band

This Ceilidh Dance begins with four couples facing each other in a Square Set. Ladies, as always, should be on the Gentlemens right hand side.

After the music introduction, the head couples create a mountain by performing a right hand star for 8 steps, then left hand star for 8 steps.

Once the Head couples fall back into place, the side couples get their turn to create the mountain in the same way.

The top couple then step "Round the Mountain" by circling the remaining couples. The Lady goes clockwise while the Gentleman goes anti-clockwise.

Once the couple get back to their place, all couples right arm swing their partners for 8 bars then left arm swing for 8 bars.

The dance sequence is then ready to begin again, but a different couple is called to go "Round the Mountain" so all dancers need to listen carefully.