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Irish Music and Gambling: Songs About Casinos

Irish music is mostly linked to a night of boozing or drinking. However, it can also be incorporated into gambling. Did you know that a lot of Irish music hits were inspired by a night of gambling?

With that, we’ve decided to share with you a little bit of our knowledge and research on the greatest combinations of Irish music and gambling.

The Irish Rovers Band

Have you ever heard of the band The Irish Rovers? Well, they are one of the greatest Irish bands ever. The band was formed back in 1963 and they were named after the song with the same name.

The Irish Rovers received several music awards including “Folk Group of the Year” in 1968 from the predecessor of the JUNO Awards. They even got a Grammy nomination for “Folk Performance of the Year in 1969.

In 1996, the band released their version of the old song titled “The Rambling Gambler” by John Lomax and Alan Lomax. They titled their version of the song “I’m a Rambler, I’m a Gambler.” It went to become an Irish hit after it was released. The song further solidified the band’s legacy in the global music industry.

The song is all about a man from the American West who has been roaming all over the world drinking and gambling. This song by the Irish Rovers became an anthem for so many casinos not only in Ireland but throughout the UK. You’ll surely hear it at least a couple of times when you visit a couple of Irish pubs in Ireland.

This song continues to be a favourite also among gamblers these days. You’ll even hear this song from a couple of casino websites including top platforms like Unibet org. That is how powerful this song came to be.

Raglan Road by Van Morrison

You’ve probably seen the song title Raglan Road once or twice in our online magazine. Well, Raglan Road is a famous poem by artisan Peter Kavanagh. He wrote the song about a love affair he had with a woman.

For most people, it is a heart-breaking song. However, you can find a lot of traces of gambling in the song.

For example, one of the lines in the song reads “The Queen of Hearts still baking tarts And I not making hay.” For that, Raglan Road became a favourite song among gamblers all over the globe. One can say that Raglan Road by Van Morrison is kind of a melancholy version of Irish music.