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To begin your journey in learning more about traditional Irish and Scottish music, then you should start with a book. Every great adventure starts with a book and for this, you’ll need books.

“A History of Irish Music” by William H. Grattan Flood

William Grattan Flood was a renowned musicologist and historian. He contributed a lot to Irish music through his ecclesiastical compositions that have stood the test of time. He then shared all of that through this book.

“A History of Irish Music” talks about the early origins and different variations of Irish music including Ancient Irish music, Anglo-Irish music, and even the Irish Pipers during the 18th century.  There is so much to learn from this book and not just about music but about what life was like in the past.

You’ll have a greater appreciation for Irish music after you give this book a thorough read.

“100 Great Scottish Songs” by Pat Conway

This book by Pat Conway published back in 1986 is truly one of the greatest collections of Scottish songs and ballads. The book, by the way, comes with a CD containing some of the greatest Scottish songs ever including “The College Boy,” “The Gallowa’ Hills,” “The Lea-Rig,” and more.

The book is not just any other songbook, by the way, it tells you stories about each song. That includes the inspiration behind the song and the story of so many composers. Thousands of copies of this book have been sold worldwide.

We always encourage our readers to learn more about Irish and Scottish music. More than just the content they read on our online magazine.